Kranium denies Tiana, Vanessa Bling relationship

October 27, 2015
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Dancehall-reggae artiste Kranium has denied rumours of sexual relationships with dancehall artistes Vanessa Bling and Tiana.

According to the Nobody Has To Know singer, he is aware that his name has been mentioned in a love triangle, but is ignorant to what started the rumours.

Ironically, Kranium is promoting his debut album, Rumours, but told The STAR that he will not feed into the attempts by the media to associate his brand with rumours and controversy. He also denied being engaged to Vanessa Bling.

"I am not engaged. I don't event know where that came from, and I felt like refuting it would have added gas to fire. I don't like those things, and I am too young to focus on those things. I don't have the time to focus on those things. At first when those things used to happen, it bothered me a lot, but now they are free to say what they want to say. I don't know where these things are coming from because I don't even live here. Eventually, the truth always comes out," he said.

As it relates to the album, Rumours, the artiste said the project has boosted traffic to even his previous work and features American rapper, Ty Dolla $ign.

"Go and support Rumours, it is a well put together project. It is like a soap opera with many stories. It was produced exclusively by producers in New York, and since its release, everything for me has been boosted," he said.

Kranium's project will be distributed by Universal Records. The artiste is also promoting a new single from the album, Stamina.

"We as dancehall artistes don't have enough outlets for our music to be promoted, so we have to create an outlet by working continuously and having faith in our work. I think I am one of the most faithful artiste," Kranium told The STAR.

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