Meek Mill tarnished my name - Safaree

October 28, 2015

Jamaican rapper/producer Safaree recently visited the island where he filmed music videos for singles 'Stunt Man', 'Most Fun' and 'Volume', featuring Ward 21. The artiste also spoke about his feud with American rapper Meek Mill.

He said Meek Mill was not a real man for carrying his name to Nicki Minaj in a negative light, so as to win her favour.

"I have seen things that I don't even bother to speak about, so I will just leave that. But you know, as a man, there is just certain things that you just don't do to another man, whether it's true or not - like it's none of your business to go and tell somebody's significant other that, 'oh, I saw your boyfriend doing this and doing that'. What type of man duh that?," he said explaining his line in the 'diss song' Lifeline, which was aimed at Meek Mill.




Also credited as the co-producer of some of Nicki Minaj's projects, Safaree already has platinum and gold plaques to his credit. However, he now aims to repeat the success as a solo act.

"I speak about it because it's something I was very much involved in, so I have the right to say that I have platinum plaques and gold plaques. My credits are there and it's kinda crazy because, now, it's like I am starting over; but the accomplishment is something nice to have on your wall," he said.

Amid plans to move to Jamaica and start a family in the future. Safaree also gave props to Bounty Killer, his favourite dancehall artiste, and Vybz Kartel, who he says is an incredible writer and lyricist.

The rapper parted from Nicki Minaj earlier in 2015 after dating for 12 years. He also received his fist solo iTunes chart hit Love The Most this year. The song detailed his relationship woes with the current self-proclaimed Queen of Hip Hop.

"I have received a lot of love here and Jamaican people have a lot of pride. They will see you, know who you are, but they don't bother you. They will, like, go to somebody and ask them to get a picture with you, but I am usually very approachable, so it's cool to come to me ... . It was good finally connecting with Bounty Killer, who I have a lot of respect for as my favourite artiste, and Lady Saw, who cooked for me at her house," he told The STAR.

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