#STARVibez: Good Ole Wife

October 30, 2015

STAR Vibez is an afternoon feature dedicated to reggae and dancehall music. Each day we vibe to a song, share it and discuss what makes it good.

Plus we also get feedback from the artistes themselves.

Today we're 'vibing' to Good Ole Wife by Wayne Marshall.

Ren: I've always thought that Wayne Marshall is a very good singer and this song proves it. His voice is so rich plus I really love the concept. No one will bash a song that speaks to a healthy relationship. No disrespect, no passa passa.  This song puts me in a happy place plus the video shot.

Sher:I agree Ren. What I like about this song is the play on words, "good ole wife." (hehe) We all know that Wayne Marshall is the "Pun King" - always playing on words to bring out double meanings. Ren was unusually slow in getting the pun in this song but I am sure everyone else did...right? 

Wayne Marshall: The song was just my way of being creative and playing on words as I usually do. We had fun producing it. It was actually Tami and Alaine who were the background vocalists and the song was dedicated to Tami.


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