Moshan gets buzz with 'Social Media'


November 06, 2015
File Moshan

Dancehall artiste Moshan is once again generating controversy with his new single, Social Media, on the Social Media rhythm for the Crown Eagle Productions label.

"A pure talk. People a send me bear voice note. Mi go inna shop and hear people ah sing the Social Media word fi word. Mi put it on Instagram, and dem ting de. Mi plan fi do video fi it. It a get a good buzz," Moshan, aka Moshy, said. "One of my friends said they were in a shop and the song came on the radio, and he said that people started to sing along to the song. Dem say it have a catchy vibe."

He will be shooting a video for Social Media this month based on the early buzz.

"Big A, Gary G, Roderick Howell, Garfield Hamilton, Troy McLean, Matrix, dem man de, especially Big A, a bore hole inna di song a street," Moshan said.

Other artistes on the Social Media rhythm include Kalado, Navino, and Innovata.

Moshan held the pole position on the FIWI Choice Top 10 charts with the breakout radio hit Jealousy for six straight weeks. The single, released on the Money Mi a Look rhythm for True Loyal Records, is the deejay's first No. 1 hit. A video for the single has also gone viral, racking up 150,000 hits in two months.

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