Companies partner to offer discounts to SMEs


November 11, 2015
Contributed Robin Chin
Contributed Mark Lawrence

J'Kan Music and Management and Enhanced Realizm Studios, companies with experience in producing corporate ads, TV programmes and music videos, have partnered to offer special discounts targeted at SMEs which might find it difficult to budget for commercials for the Christmas season.

The special takes some production costs from as high as $250,000 to a minimum of $50,000, and runs up to November 30.

Packages range from combinations which include conceptualising commercials, voicing, video production, campaign strategy and marketing execution, with the final cost depending on the elements covered for each commercial.


J'Kan CEO/managing Director, Mark Lawrence, created the campaign in collaboration with Robin Chin, CEO of Enhanced Realizm Studios. Lawrence said the campaign is a way to provide SMEs with affordable, high-quality commercials to promote their products, get visibility and boost business.

"The launch of our Xmas campaign is a fundamental shift in the cost for traditional advertising," said Lawrence. "Many businesses are in Jamaica providing great products and services but can't afford the right marketing campaign or good promotional content to reflect the standards of their business, and that is where we are making a positive change."

Chin added: "It's a win-win for business owners who are seeking new revenue streams in the face of stagnant or declining growth. We know that it is important to maintain the high standards of your brand, and we will deliver value and quality to suit your needs."

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