'Dancehall Saviour' crucified


November 11, 2015
Contributed Linguiss
Contributed Linguiss

Up-and-coming dancehall entertainer Linguiss Di Savior created a spectacle of himself in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, on Saturday when he paraded through the streets, while carrying a cross to which he later tied himself, claiming to be the saviour of dancehall.

Various clips of the ordeal have been floating around on social media. One shows him dragging a large cross through the streets, while clad in garments resembling those from the biblical era. Another shows him tied to the cross with arms stretched out as he is being transported in the back of a pickup truck.

Linguiss Di Savior, 28, whose given name is Chevaun Bowen, has been receiving much ridicule and heavy backlash for his stint.

On Facebook, one commenter said, "Is this the same dumb a.. they had hanging on a cross in a back of a truck I saw in another post? What is this world coming to?"

Another said, "Oh dear! Might have been mixing some of that Magnum with the spliff. Why would anyone wish to save 'dancehall' anyway? It is already a dying genre. He should bless it on its final journey to the grave!"

Another added, "satan is pitted in Jamaica and is using all youth ... souls for fame and fourtune."

"Smh ... the bible did talk about all these things that happening ... a tell u the last day ain't pretty at all. God coming for his world surely, but slowly," said another commenter.

However, Linguiss Di Savior noted that Saturday's stint was not just a publicity stunt as he plans to maintain the image of a saviour in all respects, including continuing to clad himself in robes resembling biblical attire.

"Everything started from a vision from God on May 5. He [God] told me to drop everything I'm doing because I was chosen before I was born to save dancehall. I have the image of the saviour, symmetrical features, small build, long hair and the God given gift to speak with people through music," he told THE STAR.

To those saying he's blaspheming by likening himself to the christian saviour, Jesus Christ, he said, "If God made man in his own image, what is wrong with having God's image? It is not a sin if I dress in a way that resembles God."

And to those who questioned his sanity, Linguiss Di Saviour said in the end, when dancehall is saved, his sanity will not be questioned. Instead, he said he will be hailed as a genius.

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