Thot Wine video hits the charts


November 11, 2015
File Radijah

Rags 2 Riches dancehall artiste Radijah is no stranger to controversy. A few months ago, he was in the middle of criticism when a video went viral showcasing a male and a female engaging in a sexual act while his song Thot Wine was playing at a dance.

Now that he has released the video to the song, everyone is wondering what will happen next. "I don't seek out controversy, it seeks me out," Radijah said, laughing.

The video is already making waves since it entered the FIWI Choice Top 10 chart countdown on TVJ, as well as Hype TV VTX charts.

"It's a great look, I have been getting great feedback from the fans. they love the vibe, love the dancers and the energy and look of the video," he said.

In 2013, he released Kotch Pon Di Edge, a collaboration with QQ which created a buzz both locally and internationally. But it was the breakout single, Walk Like a Dawg, accompanied by a controversial dance, which propelled him to instant fame and got him gigs all over the Caribbean.

Then Radijah shocked the fans and had everyone, especially the media, buzzing about a new

tattoo - which features Freemason symbols, compasses and a ruler, emblazoned over his right eye. The look guarantees him a curious second glance wherever he goes.

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