Devin Di Dakta confirmed for sting


November 13, 2015
File Devin Di Dakta

High-riding deejay Devin Di Dakta has been confirmed for the annual Sting concert at Jamworld in Portmore. The artiste sees the Sting event as a major platform for his emerging career.

"Being a part of the Sting line-up is a great achievement for me because this show is known for nothing but the best of artistes. A lot of international press and promoters come to Jamaica just for Sting, during the Christmas time, and that's a good look for the artistes," Devin said.

The 2015 Magnum King of the Dancehall winner explained what being on Sting signifies for his emerging career.

"It signifies that me and my team are working hard and doing a lot of promo to get my work out to the fans and the wider populace. It has been a good year for me musically, and it's all about continuing on a positive path," he said.

Asked what his fondest memory of the Sting stage show was over the years, he said "My fondest memory of Sting over the years is the clash with Kartel and Mavado".

As for what he will deliver on the Sting stage, the lyrically gifted deejay said "My Sting performance will be energy filled and lyrical. Lots of fresh material made specifically for Sting and any artiste we feel bad.. Lol".

Devin, who is currently on the Suncity Campus Invasion event, is scheduled to perform tomorrow at Westmoreland Invasion at Sheffield, Westmoreland.

Fans can follow him on Instagram @SkyMedzEnt and @Devindidakta

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