Macka's latest song boosted by 'Weave' fight


November 13, 2015
File Macka Diamond

Dancehall superstar Macka Diamond has moved up on local charts with her

latest single, 'Weave'.

This is perhaps boosted by social media interest in the song since it sparked a fist-fight between warring females at a recent show in Guyana.

"This Weave song has connected in the streets and on social media. On my Instagram page, I get a lot of feedback about it, because of the comedic content of the song. Special big-ups to comedian Prince Marni for his comedic stint with the song, that video has almost 100,000 views on YouTube, and it has connected with a younger generation of fans," she said.

The Weave song is a social media juggernaut. A video of the fight which broke out between two women - one Jamaican, the other Guyananese - during Macka's performance, has been reposted on websites and even has memes all over the Internet .

video release

Macka Diamond will be releasing the video, shot by Carlington Wilmot, for the popular Weave song in the coming weeks. She will be doing projects with Chase Mills Records and Birchill Records this winter. She is booked for a number of shows in St Lucia and Antigua during the next couple of weeks.

She can be contacted for bookings via

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