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November 13, 2015
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Changes are coming to Jamaican entertainment and one producer took to social media to voice his support for the initiatives.

In response to a video shown on Minister of State for Tourism and Entertainment, Damion Crawford's Facebook fanpage, popular producer and television personality Cordell 'Skatta' Burrell shared the video, while making his views known.

"We in the music industry need to support this cause. Reggae/Dancehall culture is on the decline, and we are losing valuable income because of the lack of support from our own," Burrell wrote in response to the video highlighting the upcoming changes to the Noise Abatement Act, new Entertainment Zones, Entertainment Registry, Tools of Trade and more.

The changes to the Noise Abatement Act, being championed by Crawford, will give ordinary promoters the chance to apply for curfew extensions to prevent disruption of their events, while the implementation of entertainment zones will see designated entertainment spaces coming to fruition.


In a previous interview with THE WEEKEND STAR regarding the Noise Abatement Act, last amended in 1997, Crawford said, "If it's right beside a hospital, you might not get an extension and that makes logical sense.

However, with the new law, you can get an extension if the people in your community want the event. For example, Rae Town on a Sunday, they want it. So by January 2016, we should be good."

The Noise Abatement Act has been one of the most disliked and controversial acts in recent years, resulting in the loss of income for promoters, especially those in inner-city communities and rural areas.

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