DJ Naz 'repping' for the ladies


November 16, 2015
Contrbuted DJ Naz

DJ Naz is a woman representing music at its best the same way any male can add that 'girl power' touch.

Her turntable skills have grown tremendously since the Heineken Green Synergy" competition and she is ready for her piece of the pie within the music industry both

locally and internationally.

Naz was recently

invited by DJ Smurf to be a part of the Magnum 45 Clash competition. As the only female going up against the males, she won two weeks of rounds straight and made it to the semi-finals.

"I won those rounds and I was so happy because it's the first real sound clash and I battled really hard and won, I mix and talk for myself," said Naz

Naz played in the Suncity 104.9 FM 'Chune for Chune' reggae Wednesdays against Rolexx and won that competition also.

"Females overall within the music industry are unrated, because it's a male-dominated business. There are females who are talented too and I am one who is willing to change the game," she added.

Fans can keep up with DJ Naz on Instagram: @officialdjnazgurlpower or Twitter @djnazgurlpower.

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