'Buy good music' ...Blogger CV says after Kranium's album receives poor sales

November 17, 2015
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Following Kranium's failure to move units with the release of his recent debut album 'Rumors', blogger/recording artiste CV of popular online podcast, Dancehall Music Review, has lashed out at fans of reggae and dancehall music for their reluctance to purchase projects.

According to the blogger in a video rant, Kranium is one of the few artistes who makes good music and deserves the support of the fans.

"Kranium album 'Rumors', the first week sales was less than a 1,000 copies ... It's not about defending him, but the fans and the record label, a dem mi a call out. So to the fans, I have heard it before that good music is not making, that is why people don't support dancehall music anymore, and fine. But when an artiste like Kranium come out and you hear the songs on the CD like Nobody Has To Know, Lifestyle and all those songs, you would think the so called lovers of dancehall and reggae music would go out and support. No they did not," CV said.


good artistes


According to a seemingly frustrated CV, fans of music don't support the efforts of good artistes. He also believes the lack of support has pushed good artistes to feed into shock value and controversy to stay relevant.

"They wanna sit around and complain about music that people like Alkaline, Gage, Tommy Lee and these other people make ... saying they kill dancehall and stuff like that. But when man like Kranium put out an album and you don't support it, what the f... are you saying?," CV asked. "Are you telling him he needs to go do gimmicks? Are you telling me it's about publicity stunt? Because if an artiste a guh get signed to a label and put out quality work, and then you the fans don't support it, what the f... are you saying?"


enough promotion


The blogger also pointed out that albums are not very expensive, and further lashed out at fans for purchasing expensive clothing, but leave albums on the shelves. CV also blasted the record label arguing that enough promotion was not done to make Kranium's album successful.

In a recent interview, Kranium stated that he was satisfied with the album sales and that it will take more time to build his name into a commercial brand.

"Things could have been way better, but it takes time and it all boils down to promotion," Kranium said.

Rumors recently fell out of the top 10 of the Billboard Reggae Albums chart after less than three weeks. The album also failed to chart on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. Ironically, OMI, who received a damaging review from the Rolling Stones magazine, made it to the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at No. 51 with his debut effort Me 4 U.

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