Chuckle Berry hits with Kush Kash


November 18, 2015
Chuckle Berry

The gruff-voice deejay who came to national prominence in 2009 with the Sly & Robbie-produced hit single 'Good Life', that was featured on the 2010 Grammy-nominated album titled 'One Pop', is in the spotlight once again.

His recently released single, titled Kush Kash, is currently enjoying heavy rotation on the local airwaves.

The pro-ganja tune was produced by Miami-based producer Froggy on the Glorious rhythm and released on his Mad Spider Productions label in October.

"Kush Kash is one of the hottest songs in the streets right now, it's playing at all the dances and parties. It's also getting a lot of airplay," said Chuckle Berry.

Since its release, a number of popular mixtape DJs such as DJ.Com, DJ Kenny and DJ Banging have included Kush Kash on their latest reggae mixtapes.

Chuckle Berry recently released a YouTube video for the single that is getting a lot of support.

"The YouTube video is getting crazy hits, the fans love it, but I am going to shoot the official video and release it before the end of the year."

Also in the pipeline for Chuckle Berry is a seven-track ganja EP, which is slated to be released early in 2016.

The Glorious rhythm also features songs from Jahranimo with Badmindmylitis, and Zukie Joseph with Mama Africa.

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