Showtime Damion releases Live My Life


November 18, 2015
Contributed Showtime Damion

Showtime Damion has drawn on his personal experiences for his latest single, 'Live My Life'.

The song, produced by TMG Productions, is accompanied by an engaging music video which was shot in London.

Showtime Damion explained how Live My Life came about. "The first time I heard the rhthm and the melody it instantly gave me a vibe, a stress-free, happy and joyful feeling. At that time, I was looking back at some old photos from then till now, and that's what gave me the vibe and inspired me to come up with that topic," he explained.

The song is credited to TMG Productions, however, Showtime Damion had a hand in the overall production of the song.

"Live my life was recorded in my studio, but the rhythm is a TMG production. I laid down the basic vocals and TMG did the mixing and mastering," said the artiste.

A video for Live My Life,

directed by Manny Grey and shot in East London, is racking up quite a number of views on YouTube. It is set for release locally.


Showtime Damion gave a brief description of what the video entails. "It's really about lifestyle ... just living my life how I wanna live and not being hype, but being very proud of my achievements in life," he said. Showtime Damion, whose real name is Damion Johnson, grew up in Mandeville before relocating to East London as a child. He did a stint as a disc jockey with East London-based Showtime sound system before embarking on a career as a singjay.

"I have been doing music professionally for the past seven years. The first song I recorded was called Reality and it was featured on the Alter Ego rhythm from TJ Records. The reception to the song was really good on the streets and from then, I decided to continue doing music up to this point," he explained.

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