Hustlers Link Up tomorrow


November 20, 2015
Cass Go Hard

Cass Go Hard from Riverton City, St Andrew-based Go Hard Entertainment Family, will tomorrow stage his much-anticipated party, Hustlers Link Up Part 2 (Mek yu table do d'talking), at Uptown Mondays, Headquarters, Savannah Plaza, Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.

It will be a three-in-one party, as Wildflower Restaurant RR and Trend Wednesday RR, will meet up with the Go Hard family for a 'flossing' good time.

"This is not a normal party as each crew and danchehall family will have to prove who are the flossing kings and queens for Hustlers Link-up," Cass Go Hard told the weekend STAR.

Selectors on the night will include Hottarice, Harry Hype, Boom Boom and Hotta Maestro.

Photos will be from The Star newspaper, Velly Vee Fashion, and Foster Shots.

Food will be on the house. Gates open 6 p.m. and the event ends at 2 a.m.

"People, it's an early party, so all crews roll out early and shell the bar," Cass Go Hard said.

Cass Go Hard and the Go Hard Family have made a name for themselves in dancehall, hosting parties such as Gangsters in Black and Magnum Beach A Rama.

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