Sheba Returns - Former 'Gaza Diva' back in studio after pregnancy


November 20, 2015
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Sheba Returns

The fans have been calling, and Sheba has answered with several new tracks now out on iTunes, YouTube and other media-sharing avenues.

Sheba's disappearance from the dancehall scene was not due solely to her musical mentor, Vybz Kartel, being incarcerated, but moreso due to an addition to her family. Her pregnancy drew her away from the music scene for a while, but now her bouncing baby boy is old enough to allow her the freedom to get back in the game, and she is diving head-first into the fast-paced, ever-changing dancehall scene.

Sheba recorded Pree Mi alongside Dwayno, which reintroduced her in 2014, but it was Buff Up on the 'Sex' rhythm that's creating a renewed buzz for her in 2015. The track was produced by Spit Fiyah Records, and the video will be done in coming weeks.

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She has also been working with several overseas-based producers. Among her other songs are Body Good on the 'Growing Love' rhythm, produced by Crossroad Music Group of Sevilla, Spain; Grab Up, on the 'Money Bunx' rhythm for DJ Smo out of Austria; Mine Mi on the 'Flat Bridge' rhythm; and Him Want You Back.

Sheba's sole team member is her manager and booking agent, Lesley Hayles, and their game plan for 2015 was mainly to do more recordings, which they have so far achieved. They expect 2016 to bring more bookings, and are amping up promotions to close out this year.

"It's been a while that I've been away, due to very important personal reasons, but my fans have always been there with me. We're putting out lots of new projects now, so they'll be hearing all that we've been working on ... it's really good music. I'm here to take this to another level, so don't miss out," Sheba said.

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