Kapri set to make his mark in music


November 30, 2015
Contributed Kapri

Massive Entertainment artiste Kapri is on a mission, and that is to make a difference in dancehall.

With artistes underperforming on the Billboard Charts, Kapri's intention is to turn things around in the genre. At the recently concluded music conference held in Kingston, Jamaica, many speakers lamented that Jamaica is "losing dancehall" because the genre has not produced anything fresh, resulting in diminished appeal. One panelist, in describing the partial stagnation, stated that "everyone is graduating, but no one is coming in".

Although he was not present at the conference, Kapri has been following the reports closely and his response is: "Kapri is here to make a difference." Referring to himself as an "avid student of dancehall who never stop learning" the soon-to-be-established entertainer, who lists Buju Banton as one of his inspirations, stated that he has studied the art and craft of the music and has a team who is ready to take him on the


Kapri's Massive Entertainment team includes CEO Clayton Thomas and the man who is also referred to affectionately as 'Short Boss', Samuel 'Bossie' Doman. They have drawn for successful Billboard-topping producer Rohan 'Jah Snow Cone' Fuller as part of the A-list production team and already his new single, Dark Glass, is set to make a solid impression before year end.

Snow Cone has confidence in the artiste, referring to him as a very talented and versatile youth. "Those are not terms that I use loosely," he said, adding that Kapri has some "mad, crazy lyrics" when he takes command of the rhythm.

Dark Glass is chock-full of the type of imagery which makes a potent dancehall song. "It is a tale about the gangster who doesn't really know how to be a true gangster ... it is not bigging up thug life or anything. If you listen to the lyrics, you will see that some of it is actually comical," the Pembroke Hall High past student explained.

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