Father Lu, Beenie, Fambo drop new single


December 03, 2015
Contributed Father Lu
Beenie Man

Rapper/deejay Father Lu, aka Dutty Lion, has teamed up with dancehall veteran Beenie Man and Future Fambo on the single, Dream.

The song is featured on the Sleepy Run rhythm and was produced by both Father Lu and his younger brother, Armohn Jackson, aka J Branson.

Father Lu has been involved in music for a while, mostly behind the scenes.

"I produce a variety of genres of music - soul, hip hop, roots, dancehall, and American dance, and of course, dancehall-crossover, which is a mixture of hip hop and dancehall, Dutty Lion style," he shared.

Through his Dutty Lion Entertainment, he has staged numerous concerts and community initiatives where he gives back to the needy.

"We have done a lot in the struggling communities where the youth don't normally get to see the artist they love up close in live performances. We've been sponsors to the Caribbean jerk festival in Baltimore and Soul Fest in Aruba. I've also performed all over the United States as well as in Canada," he said.

Apart from shooting a video for Dream, he plans to stage an essay competition to build up the momentum for the song.

"I am also kicking off a country wide essay contest in Jamaica. The topic is. 'What's your dream and what's your plan to make it a reality? There will be first, second and third-place winners for all three school levels. The prizes will be disclosed at a later date," he said.

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