Kuzi Kz returns to promote new songs


December 03, 2015
Contributed Kuzi KZ

Europe-based dancehall artiste Kuzi KZ returns to the island this month to promote his new single, Turn Me On, which was released on Spotify last week.

He is confident because he is enjoying some success as a dancehall artiste in his adopted country of Sweden.

"Right now, mi a buss as a Jamaican from Sweden, and no other Jamaican ever do that before," an elated Kuzi said.

A few months ago, Kuzi KZ went viral when a video of him falling offstage mid-performance was put online. In the video, despite the mishap, he didn't miss a note, and continued to perform his song, while lying on his back on the club floor.

When he finally got to his feet and clambered back onstage, he was met with thunderous applause by the audience, who admired his pluck and determination.

"People still a link mi online 'bout it all over the world, dem say dem love mi spirit, and on that basis, mi a get club shows, and offers to do collaborations," he said.

He is known for singles such as Gal Dem Say, which has racked up thousands of views on YouTube, and Can't Gimme No Talk featuring Rholin X. He also has a new single, From Now Until Then, featuring Advance, produced by Success Records in Sweden.

"I also have a new music video for a song called Tribute where I big up Bob Marley, Clancy Eccles, Deltones, Lee Scratch, that is doing well in Sweden, but I want to get that going in Jamaica," he said.

He has lived in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2011, where he has worked with producers such as Sound Banks Music, Major Vibes and Kings Music.

"Music is life, life is power, live, love and respect," Kuzi said.

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