Fans bash Jah Cure online - After posting of chalice-smoking IG video

December 04, 2015
Jah Cure
Jah Cure

Fans bash Jah Cure online

Jah Cure is the latest entertainer to experience the wrath of social media users as they lashed out against the singer for an Instagram post he made on Wednesday.

In a video uploaded to his official IG account, Jah Cure could be seen sharing a bong with three men as they travelled in a car.

Social media users were not upset at the deejay for smoking the bong, but, instead, bashed him for sharing the chalice with the other men without sanitising it first.

In the video, the Unconditional Love singer could be seen taking the chalice from the mouth of one of his cronies. He then put the chalice in his mouth and puffed on it without wiping it off. The other men who smoked from the chalice also failed to wipe the instrument before putting their mouths on it.

Their actions clearly upset social media users, who speared no one in their comments voicing their displeasure.


negative comments


"Nah Pree dah medz yah inna real life," one user wrote. "Even a wipe off it fi get before reaching di other man mouth Iyah."

"Ewww nobody is wiping that thing before putting their mouths on it? Just nasty!! #YUCK," said another.

"IyahCure I a one a di I biggest fan 4rm den til now but I nuh luv di luk Iyah. Man nuh share man mouth water king. Lightening," another post read.

While several users

commented on how unsanitary the singer's actions were, others took aim at his character dubbing his actions immature and questioning his competence as a husband and parent.

"I can see why his wife wants to leave him. Time to grow up you have a family. No respect for your daughter," one user posted.

"I am a real fan of your music but not feeling this Jahcure. Looking very Sad," said another.

"I wonder if he would be happy if his daughter grew up and did this," another


There were others who discouraged the singer's action, highlighting the health issues that could result from smoking. but while most of the comments generated under the singer's post were negative, there were a few fans who supported his actions and encouraged the singer to continue "blazing the chalice".

"Blaze mi lord," one user posted. "Dab it Rasta, Dab it," wrote another.

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