Donald Trump throws jab at Miss Universe franchise

December 22, 2015

Things can't get worse for the Miss Universe Organization.


The latest blow that the franchise has suffered came Sunday night after host Steve Harvey placed the Miss Universe 2015 crown on the wrong head.


The Colombian contestant was already wearing the crown when Harvey returned to announce on live television that he had mistakenly read from a cue card, and that the contestant from the Philippines was actually this year's winner.


Harvey's action sent social media and the rest of the world into a frenzy and attracted the attention of former frachise holder Donald Trump.


"Very sad what happened last night at the Miss Universe Pageant. I sold it 6 months ago for a record price. This would never have happened!"  Trump tweeted after the show on Sunday night.


Trump who now an American presidential hopeful, had to sell the Miss Universe organization to William Morris Endeavor  (WME) in September after comments Trump made during one of his 2016 presidential campaigns.


Answering questions about securing the United States' border, Trump called Mexicans rapists, drug lords and said most of them aren't good people.


The statement has since negatively affected the Miss Universe pageant.


Many major sponsors like NBC Television (usual broadcasters) have withdrawn their support as 3 Latin American countries, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama withdrew from this year's pageant.


Trinidad and Tobago was the only Caribbean country that withdrew from this year's staging of Miss Universe.


Miss Jamaica Universe 2015 is 24-year-old Sharlene Radlein.


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