Empire Isis changes her name


December 24, 2015
Empire I

International recording artiste Empire Isis has decided to drop the 'Isis' part of her stage name and rebrand in the new year.

"Its time to drop the 'Isis' part of my name, given recent developments in international geopolitics," she said. "Thousands of girls around the world are named Isis and can't change their names. I pray that a band of thugs will not take away from these girls the true beauty and sacredness of the meaning of their names."

The 'band of thugs' is a reference to the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, also known as ISIS, the terrorist group that controls vast swathes of territory in both countries and, more recently, stoked violent acts in Ankara, Beirut, Paris and San Bernardino, California.

She will now be referred to as Empire I.

The entertainer has had a challenging year. In late April, she sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured skull and several broken bones from a near-fatal car accident. She was admitted to the Kingston Public Hospital and subsequently airlifted to Canada for treatment.

"The accident happened in Grants Pen, St Thomas. I had a fractured skull in multiple places, with just titanium keeping all that together, the obliteration of my sinuses on the right side of my face, broken arm, broken wrist, broken nose, hematomas, blood in the eye, the list goes on. I am just grateful to be alive," she said.

Still recovering but feeling strong enough after the accident, Empire I recently returned to Jamaica to promote a slate of new songs.

She is known for songs such as Come With Me, Ignite, Nana Power, Get Up On It, Passion, Bang Bang, and Fi Di Man Dem.

She has had song placements in numerous network and cable shows and her music has been used in advertisements for Cover Girl make-up, featuring Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore. She recently landed another successful placement in HBO's popular comedy series, 'Girls', with her single, Get Up On It, being used in the promotional ads for the upcoming season starting February 2016.

Born in Wales to a Moroccan father and British mother, she was raised in Morocco. Since 2012, Empire I has been collaborating with a variety of producers in and out of Jamaica.

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