Help needed to bury reggae veteran Jackie Brown who died in New York

January 06, 2016

Though it’s been over two months since veteran reggae singer Jackie Brown died, The STAR understands that the singer is yet to be laid to rest as funeral plans have not yet been finalized.


Brown died on November 12 at his home in Queens, New York at the age of 69 after a long battle with diabetes.


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The STAR Online spoke with his daughter Odette Brown who said she flew to New York from Jamaica with the intention of attending her father’s funeral but instead  landed in a big pile of mess surrounding her father's funeral arrangements.

“When I came all the people that were in his life seem to have disappeared,” she said.

According to her, her father has about 11 children but she is only familiar with about eight of them.


“The few I spoke to don’t want anything to do with it. He is the root so I have decided to take a stand to ensure that he gets buried,” she said of her Portland-born father who left Jamaica in 1981 to live in the States.

Jackie Brown has recorded a lot of songs throughout his career but made the most impact in the early 1970s.


Among his most popular hits are "Send Me The Pillow", "Little Miss" "Hard To Get" and "Fat Girl"

Brown’s daughter is throwing out an appeal to all his friends and fans to ensure that her father – also an ex Jamaica Defense Force soldier and a former teacher, gets a proper send off.

“I don’t know where his money went all I know is that I want him to be buried. I am asking, pleading with anyone who is willing to help or donate.

Persons wishing to help may contact David Williams Funeral Home at 718-2913823 or contribute to her account – Odette Brown, TD Bank, Flatbush. Account number 4325824616.

The amount needed to take care of everything is US$4,000.




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