Former members of Kartel's Portmore Empire say happy birthday

January 07, 2016
Vybz Kartel and Producer Notnice

A number of dancehall artistes who were once members of the  incarcerated Vybz Kartel led group, Portmore Empire and Gaza by extension, took to social media to wish the group's founder a happy birthday on Thursday.


Vanessa Bling: Happy birthday Addi/Vybzkartel hope u live to c many more

Popcaan: Happy Gday gaza daddy more life cause a life a the greatest thing.. #wickedwickedwicked #freedom

Jah Vinci: "The life we live it hard and cold that's why them fight ghetto youths more and more but memba wi guh on and on and on" world G BIG UP PAN YU EARTH STRONG!!! JAH BLESS U ALWAYS (VYBZ KARTEL)

Tommy Lee Sparta: Happy birthday me G an a happy new year to you and your 

Notnice Records: Teresa Wilson Palmer Bless the earth with a great star. More life and more blessing pan yu birthday. Ungrateful nuh get pick! #vybzkartel #gaza #notnicerecords

Sheba: HAPPY! HAPPY! BIRTHDAY!!!the one & only VYBZ KARTEL aka WERLBOSS!!!addididaddy #teacha #michealcakesoapjackson #gazadon #gazathug #myboss #mymentor #myartist #mussbussappeal #freeworlboss hope you find a way to enjoy ur day tho the circumstances are far from enjoyable. E! Wol da piece a cake ya an kick back wid da street vybz ya!OH!


There were no birthday posts from Lisa Hyper and Deva Bratt who were kicked from the group before Kartel's incarceration in 2011. 


The former Gaza members are not the only ones who have paid tribute to Vybz Kartel as many Jamaicans have been mentioning the incarcerated star on social media today.


On Twitter, the  hashtag #whenkartelsaid is trending, as users are using the hashtag to quote their favourite lyrics from the World Boss.


Other words like "Vbyz", "Gaza", and "Adijah" which all refer to Vybz Kartel are also trending locally on Twitter.






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