Fabian is not a Marley *DNA proves singer isn't son of reggae legend

January 09, 2016
Bob Marley
Bob Marley
Fabian Marley
Fabian Marley


Recording artiste Fabain Marley is not the son of reggae legend Bob Marley, a DNA test has revealed.

Clayton Thomas of Massive Entertainment Group, who manages Fabian Marley, made the announcement yesterday, noting that he is pleased to finally know the true identity of his client.

"In my quest to find out whether or not Fabian was indeed a Marley, I was able to find Fabian's family who he grew up with and get a DNA test from the gentleman who Fabian knew as his father in his childhood. The tests have come back, and it has been proven 100 per cent that this man is indeed Fabian's real dad," Thomas said.


birth name


Now, Thomas says he looks forward to continuing the relationship with the 48-year-old singer, but not under the Marley name. Instead, he suggests that Fabian might continue his career under his name at birth, which is Othneil Stanford. This, he said, would be reflective of his real father.

"He shouldn't continue under the Marley name because it would be infringing on the Marley name. He needs to change his name to get the respect from the world," Thomas said.

For the past two years, Fabian Marley and members of the Marley family have been embroiled in a heated battle over Fabian Marley's true paternity. The Marley family has always maintained that Fabian Marley is not Bob Marley's son.

On November 4 last year, attorney for the Marley family, Kevin Powell, penned a letter granting Fabian Marley access to the DNA of Bob Marley's surviving children for the test to be done.

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