Patrons feel slighted at French Conection

January 11, 2016

Patrons who turned up to popular new year's event French Connection were in for an unpleasant surprise when they learnt on arrival that their $8,000 ticket was only drink-inclusive.

According to persons who spoke with THE STAR, they were informed on their arrival told that the food present at the venue was exclusive to the $15,000 ticket holders.

"When we got the Port Royal, they gave us black envelopes with a welcome and drink inclusive written on it, I was surprised because I expected food for my $8,000," said a male patron.

A supporter of the popular event for over five years, told THE STAR that this was a first-time occurrence based on her experience.

"This is the first I have ever paid so much to come here and learn that I only have access to drinks, for all of $8,000? That's madness!" she exclaimed.

Another attendee said she received food and drink when she paid less money at the 2014 staging.

"I paid $4,000 to come to the party last year and drank plus ate whole night so I am wondering what happened to make the promoters think it's okay to double the price and remove the food," said the female patron.

The partygoers maintained that in the advertisements there was no differentiation between what the $8,000 and $15,000 ticket holders would be allowed access to.

"The ads we saw on social media said 'premium all-inclusive and Ultra VIP', there was no mention of the $8,000 being drink-inclusive," explained a female attendee.

But a representative for the event organisers said in radio and social media advertisements, there was specification about the access of each type of ticket.

"Our outgoing ads stated that the $8,000 tickets were general and $15,000 tickets were Ultra VIP," said the representative.

When asked if they would be returning to another staging of the event, the slighted patrons responded positively.

"The event is different and great but they need to do better in giving patrons information," said one attendee.

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