Ity gets baptised

January 12, 2016
Errol Crosby Photo Ity (left) and Fancy Cat

January 1 will forever be etched in the mind of Ity Ellis, the popular comedian from the Ity and Fancy Cat show.

January 1, 1997 was the year he proposed to his then girlfriend. A year later on January 1, 1998, he married her.

And, January 1, 2016 will now be remembered as the day he got baptised.

Though he is known for giving jokes, his decision to serve Christ is far from that.

"This is a serious thing for me, almost everything I do in my life is like gimmicks, so I ask the Lord to allow me to say the right things so that it won't come off like a joke," a humbled Ellis expressed.

entire household

Ellis explained that his Christianity story is one of friendship, family and faith.

"The pastor who baptised me is my childhood friend. He is Pastor Lynval Lewis, but we call him Marky. Marky got baptised and he has never left the church. Last year something interesting happened as well, my wife and my youngest daughter got saved. I believe the Lord spoke to my heart in a way that he has never spoken before or in a way that I've never heard before," he told THE STAR.

"Me and my first daughter got baptised on the same day. So now my entire household is saved. I tried not to tell her so she doesn't think she's following me," he added.

He believes that Marky's influence was so subtle, yet so strong and though it took a while, Ellis is happy it finally happened.

"Him is not a fren weh use to pressure me. Yesterday (Sunday) when he handed me the baptismal certificate, him break down. He was saying it took me 28 years to come to Christ. Because is me, him, Fancy cat and a next friend use to par," Ellis told the STAR.

"Right now I choose to live for my creator God Almighty, through Christianity, through his son, Jesus Christ."

Ellis says he understands that becoming a Christian may impact his career as a comedian, buthe plans to take it one step at a time.

"I am aware that some shows are going to be challenging, but the Lord will give me the way to deal with it. One of my brethren a tell me say people no tek off all dem clothes one time. Yuh haffi tek off yuh shirt first and dem way deh, so it is a process. People expect perfection, but I just want my light to shine," he said.

As for his other childhood friend Fancy Cat, Ellis hopes that by simply living his life, Fancy Cat will also get saved.

"I am not going to force Fancy Cat, I am just going to live. Marky never pressure me, him just live. At the end of the day, every single one of us living has to choose," Ellis explained.

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