Deejay pierces face 40 times

January 18, 2016
File Lanmine before the piercings

A decision by dancehall artiste Lanmine to pierce his face in over 40 different places has gone down well his manager Stasha of Stashment record. According to the producer, image is everything.

While highlighting that the deejay make his own conscious decision to go though with the procedure, Stasha says she supports his vision.

"He is a hardworking artiste and him just decide that 2016 will be the year for him to push the bar as it relates to his music and his image. In the business of entertainment image is an important factor because an artiste should not only stand out in the way he or she records his material but also in appearance. All great musicians had a signature style Ray Charles is known for his dark glasses, Michael Jackson is known for his short pants and colourful jackets event athletes like Allen Iverson and Micheal Jordan had a distinctive look," she said.

good comments

Lanmine is known for the singles like Independent Gyal and Its Creeping featuring Fambo, among others.

While the artiste has been busy promoting his singles, not everyone is pleased with his piercings however he says a lot of people like it.

"I am getting good comments, the younger generation love it a just mostly the elders who nuh like it, even though some of them do. Even last night I was walking in the mall and everybody a tek camera for pictures and a sey dem like it. I have a new song out called Touch Yu Hard and the people dem a sey dem love the new look," Lanmine told the STAR.

Stasha believes there is no need to cause uproar.

"Its just entertainment, there is no reason for people to look at this negatively. We have been piercing the skin from our ancestors were taken from Africa this is not a new thing. Just be open to new developments in style and of course support the music because that at the end of the day matter over all things," she told The STAR.

Stashment Records has produced hits like One Drop by QQ, Kotch Pon Di Hedge, More Than You by Alkaline, Walk Like A Dog among others.

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