#STARTop5Today: Top male singers in Jamaica

January 18, 2016

Jamaica, the land of sand, sea, sun and singers. Truly we have produced some of the world's best singers (R.I.P Garnett Silk and Dennis Brown).

We have compiled a list of five persons we believe are the top male singers in Jamaica.

As usual this one was haaaaard to compile because as you know our Jamaican artistes are talented. Nonetheless, we tried so here goes:


1. Beres Hammond- Of course, this soulful, lovers-rock master had to make our list. Beres knows how to make every song sound like a love song. Just think about "Rockaway", a tribute to reggae that makes you want to dance with that "special someone". Some say he's the Jamaican Marvin Gaye but we say he is better...way better! Big Up yuhself Master Beres, yuh can sing!

2.L.U.S.T- We thought about Lukie D, then we remembered Singing Melody and of course we couldn't forget Tony Curtis. Oh wait, Thriller U too, they all can sing. The four men  could easily sweep this list so we decided  to rate them as a group. You don't often find a group where all members are lead singers but L.U.S.T is definitely among the few. They sound excellent as a group but are so good individually that they can run excellent solo careers as they have proven over the years.

3. Luciano- This Grammy nominee has a timeless voice. If you listen to a Luciano track from the 90's, it has the same sound and quality as a current Luciano track. How he manages to preserve his authentic, sultry tone is something we are still unable to fathom but we're glad he can. Undoubtedly, the messenger had to make the cut. What is auto tune? The messenger has the melody to carry him and needs no help or technical support.

4. Sanchez- Gospel, reggae or reggae-gospel. We could not compile a list and not include the sweet sounding Sanchez. Sanchez knows exactly how to manage his vibrato and pitch. What we know about him is that he has a youthful sound that is always very pleasing to the ears no matter which sub-genre of reggae he touches.

5. Richie Stephens- Perhaps one of the most unique voices in the business and no doubt he knows exactly how to use it. Stephens' powerful voice makes him a  good performer. The track he did with his mother, Mama Carmen, showed that the apple certainly doesn't rot far from the tree. It is evident that Stephens was born with his beautiful gift of singing.

Do you agree with this list? Who would you add?

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