Devin Di Dakta allegedly beaten by Corey Todd over diss song

January 19, 2016

Just a little over two weeks into the new year and Magnum King, Devin Di Dakta is back in the media for issues that Di Dakta never ordered.

On Monday evening reports surfaced that the artiste was kicked out of popular night club Taboo and was also beaten inside the parking lot. 

When contacted, Devin's manager, Shelly-Ann Curran admitted to the STAR that the reports are true but denied additional allegations that the incident was as a result of Devin harassing a dancer.

"That is absolutely true, he was kicked out and beaten. But he was not kicked out for that reason. He paid his money and went in as a patron with some friends who were celebrating their anniversary. Immediately after he ordered his first drink he was summoned by a security officers, saying they wanted to talk to him outside."

Curran said that Devin continued to pour his drink before four other men came and started pushing him out of the club.

"Four men started pushing him out of the club saying, 'di boss waan talk to yuh.' By the time he went through the exit barricade, he saw Corey Todd coming with more men. Corey Todd and his cronies started to give my artiste hits from all over. Can you imagine five or six men a give you box from left, right and centre?" an evidently distraught Curran expressed.

Many may remember Todd as former business partner of Vybz Kartel who some years ago expressed to the media, his fear as he believes Kartel was trying to kill him.

Curran told the STAR that during the incident, Todd expressed that Devin violated him.

"He was saying, 'yuh diss me, yuh diss me. Weh yuh call me name inna song fah?'"

She also expressed that she received a call from Todd after the incident not only bragging about what was done but threatening her as well.

"He called me 7:59 a.m yesterday (Monday) morning. He was saying, Shelly this is Corey Todd, mi just trash yuh artiste. Him shouldn't diss me in him song,'" she said.

"When I told him I would be pressing charges, he told me if I ever go to the police, I know what would happen to me. When they got confirmation that I was at the police station, that's when they spin the story to talk about harassing a dancer. I am now calling for them to release the footage of that," she added.

Curran is adamant that the matter will be investigated as Devin was greatly violated and did not deserve the treatment he received.


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