Music industry in bad state - Lutan Fyah

January 22, 2016
Contributed Lutan Fyah

Known for his spitfire lyrics, reggae artiste Lutan Fyah is dissatisfied with the state of the music business.

"I think Jamaica needs a music industry that seeks to recognise the real players who have been out there defending the reggae/dancehall music in the midst of recession and world war," he said.

"A lot of artistes are out there, like me, putting in the ground-work, doing collaborations and music visuals with platinum-selling artistes in Europe and Africa, and working every one of these major festivals that every artiste is crazy to be a part of, in every corner that play reggae music, but the Jamaican population won't know about this because the media is not publicising these efforts."

The Life of a King hitmaker is in Europe promoting his latest works and doing performing in places such as Paris and Geneva. He said it is the many ill ways of some industry players that have caused a dire impact on the reggae/dancehall market.

"I personally think Jamaicans who are involved in music are hustlers, not for money alone, but hype and fame. Even some of the managers and booking agents act as if they are artistes; some of them try to bring down another artiste to push up theirs, and that is why people around the world lose respect for them," he said.

The singer believes this behaviour will ultimately lead to the downfall of the craft, and he refuses to let that happen.

"We, as reggae/dancehall artistes, need to be better

united and uplift the music business to higher heights. We cannot let this precious commodity die," he said.

Lutan Fyah is working closely with Susan Smith of Powerhouse Global Media as his official publicist.

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