'God is good!' - Elephant Man thankful after rape case gets dropped

February 09, 2016
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"God is good" were the first words uttered by dancehall artiste Elephant Man when he was freed of rape charges in the Home Circuit Court yesterday.

The charges stemmed from a 2012 incident at his St Andrew home, where he was charged with rape, buggery and grievous sexual assault.

Yesterday, Justice Marcia Dunbar Green instructed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty after hearing that the prosecution could offer no evidence against Bryan because the complainant had died.

According to Elephant Man, he had dedicated the last four years of his career to this case in an effort to prove to his fans that he was innocent of the charges.

"Believe me, mi overwhelmed. Mi just a give God thanks. Mi haffi give him the glory because it wasn't easy. When me hear dem say 'not guilty', a the best thing cudda ever happen to me. To God be the glory," he told THE STAR.

He added that as an artiste and father, he was happy to put the issue behind him.

"Me just glad say everything over wid because it really did take a lot out of me. Mi know seh me never do none a dem tings deh, so when dem seh mi free, is like me just overwhelmed. Me feel so good. A just the blessings from God. God is good," Elephant Man stated.

Meanwhile, Elephant Man is currently promoting his latest song, Bogle Move, which is available on iTunes.

"A just music me a deal wid right now. Me and my

manager, Q45, just deh ya a medz some new ting fi release. A music straight from now on," he said.

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