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February 12, 2016
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File Bounty Killer (Hennessy Artistry Party and Show, held at The Old Coal Wharf, Port Royal on Saturday night November 24, 2012).
Bounty Killer

Iconic dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has blasted selector Foota Hype for comments he made on OnStage recently. In an interview with Winford Williams, Foota stated that Bounty Killer is not considered a 'hot artiste' because he was voicing for the wrong producers.

"Bounty Killer deh deh as a giant, but him nuh really hot because him a voice fi the wrong producer dem," Foota said.

However, Bounty Killer did not take kindly to this comment, stating that Foota was disrespectful. In a lengthy Instagram post, Bounty said, "Do legends need to be hot? Sean Paul hot? Shaggy hot? Shabba hot? Why is he worried about me or mentioning my name? Do I looks like I need to be hot?"

Bounty also rubbished Foota Hype's view that he needs to record songs for popular producers in an attempt to make hit records. The tough-talking deejay pointed out that he recorded his song Man Ah Bad Man for Foota Hype's record label during a period when the selector was not very popular, yet the song eventually became one of Foota Hype's biggest hit as a producer.

Bounty added that he stood out on some of the biggest shows last year and that his song, Ghetto Boy, was well received in 2015.

"I do not have to voice for A-listers producers. Ask him which artiste him buss for 2015? He is a reflector, not a selector. Him fi wash Ishawna panty and tek mi name out a him mouth before him get diss," Bounty wrote.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Foota responded, stating that he was not afraid of Bounty Killer or his empty threats.

"Mi make a honest statement and mi nah take back me talk so nuh bother get too bright. You know fi a fact say you or none a you friend dem can't diss me and get weh," Foota said.

former fianceE

According to Bounty, the fall-out appeared to be stemming from allegations made by Foota Hype that he had slept with Ishawna. In an effort to dispel the rumours, Bounty Killer mistakenly stated that he had slept with Foota's former fiancee. He later added that it was a typographical error.

"I swear on my life and career, I don't know where he got that (allegation) from...It was a typo and he knows, but he wants to slander her name so he highlighted the typo", Killer said.

Foota, however, refused to believe that is was an error.

Killa followed up with an even more scathing remark, accusing Foota Hype of being an attention seeker.

"You don't play me or Alliance songs so keep your comments to yourself. Twenty-four years now me a close all major shows in dancehall, so check who is really hot. We nuh need your comments, go talk bout your stroke and how Joe money blind you and how Skatta (Burrell) thief you wife. Avoid me name. Simple," Bounty said.

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