Agent Sasco gets major highlight at 2016 Grammy Awards show

February 16, 2016

Though dancehall artiste Agent Sasco didn't attend the Grammys yesterday, his presence was surely felt inside the Staples arena, Los Angeles where the event was held.

Sasco's big moment came when rapper Kendrick Lamar, the biggest act at the 2016 Grammys (with an overall 11 nominations) performed his politically-charged hit single The Blacker The Berry which features Agent Sasco.

Lyrics like: "Remember this, every race start from the black" which Agent Saco delivers in the song rang out inside the venue as Kendrick Lamar and his dancers delivered a spirited performance which is now being hailed as one of the best Grammy performances of all time. 

Released February 9 last year, The Blacker The Berry is on Lamar's his third studio album, To Pimp a Butterfly which also won the Grammy for Best Rap Album.

The clip of Kendrick Lamar's performance is being shared and watched all over the world, a highlight that can do wonders for Sasco's Theory Of Reggaetivity which is set for official release on February 19.

"When these things happen automatically you get other opportunities that come from it. This Friday I release my first project in 10 years The Theory Of Reggativity and you can imagine with the happenings last night it's all good stuff and I just have to stay working and stay ready for the opportunities that come," Sasco told The STAR.

When Sasco shared a clip of Lamar's performance on Instagram, his followers had many praises for him although many thought Sasco's presence would have made the performance better.

"I was so upset u neva walk out pon di stage jah kno star, but respect same way," one follower said

But Agent Sasco is simply happy that his music was highlighted on such a global platform.

"Kendrick could have done so many things with his performance, he had other singles that he could have done and then he could have performed the song without playing my portion so I just have to be grateful that the music  got represented on such a huge platform and the the culture and the music was presented at prime time during the Grammys," Sasco added.

Kendrick Lamar was also the biggest Grammy awardee this year, with 5 awards including the Grammy was for his video collaboration with Taylor Swift, on her song "Bad Blood."




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