Tanto Blacks hits back - After deejays post video calling him "real switch"

March 07, 2016
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The 'Real Rich' dancehall artiste, Tanto Blacks, has responded to claims made by two entertainers that he is among other things, a 'real switch', who does not pay some people he works with.

Last week, a two-minute, 30-second-long video was circulated on popular social media site Facebook with two male entertainers who identified themselves only as 'Full Black Boss' and 'Tanto Duppy'.

In the video, Full Black Boss spoke first, saying Tanto Blacks has threatened to harm him with bottles.

"A wha do Tanto Blacks, a talk about anyweh him see me inna the streets him a go bruck Guinness bottle inna me face? You know me run the whole place! Me born bad! When you talk bout Spanish Town, you know Full Black Boss vanish clown!"

Full Black Boss further claimed Tanto Blacks has a propensity to repossess things he gives to members of his entourage.

"A wha do Tanto Blacks, a talk bout him real rich and take back the clothes and shoes from Tanto Duppy and give 'Poor and Boasy' and a talk about him rich? Right now, him no even rich like me spit! Right now, dem a real switch!"

However, Tanto Blacks told THE STAR he is not well acquainted with Full Black Boss, and surmised that he might be using his [Tanto's] name to gain popularity.

"Me only know Full Black Boss as somebody wha sell CD inna the streets. Me no really have nothing with him. Might be him a try bill him name offa me," Tanto theorised. He said he has no grouses with Full Black Boss and cannot understand why he posted the video making such assertions.

After Full Black Boss's irate rant, Tanto Duppy came to the fore, confirming what his predecessor said, "Yeah man, a real thing. Every stage show me go wid him, him no gimme dollar, him no gimme nothing a all!" Tanto Duppy said.

Tanto Duppy further claimed that Tanto Blacks has been halting the progress of his career by advising him not to perform at shows. As a result, the two, Tanto Duppy and Full Black Boss, have labelled Tanto Blacks as a 'real switch', playing on the entertainer's popular 'real rich' slang.

Tanto Blacks admitted that he knows Tanto Duppy very well, as he used to be a part of his entourage. He said he respects Tanto Duppy as a talented performer and wanted to "give him a strength", but they have now severed ties.

"Me can't have dem people deh round me, because me get fi find out seh dem no clean. Him did a do some things wha me neva like, like go beg people things behind me back," Tanto Blacks said. He said such behaviour was not in keeping with his 'real rich' image.

Tanto Blacks further said he is not fazed by the video, as he is "rich and happy," promoting his Real Rich video and single. He also has a new dance move called Lalila, which he hopes will be a hit in the streets.

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