Deejays in dispute over songs

March 24, 2016

International recording artiste Ryzin has accused fellow entertainer Versatile of stealing the lyrics of his song, 'Tek Mi Picture'.

The Boston, US-based deejay said he recently found out that Versatile released a song titled Tek Yuh Picture, allegedly with similar lyrics to those in his single.

"I found out when one of my fans tagged me in a video clip that Versatile posted on Instagram to promote his song," he said. "After I listened I contacted him on Instagram and pointed out to him that he has infringed on my copyrights. I thought that he would let us have an intelligent discussion and work things out, but instead he dissed me."

Ryzin said he has brought the situation to the attention of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

"My publishing is administrated through ASCAP, all my songs are legally copyrighted through them, so I have brought the matter to their attention. I am also talking to my attorneys."

But Versatile denied Ryzin's claims, saying the overseas deejay may be seeking attention in the local sphere.

"If you ask people bout Ryzin and ask them bout Versatile, which one a we people know more," he questioned. "Nobody nuh know him, him just a look a hype. Him need fi look a job, try something new because nobody never heard of him."

Versatile explained that it wasn't until people started talking about it on social media that he realised the songs were similar. "I was made aware by people on social media and it's not even an issue because the songs are so different. The only thing similar about the songs is the title and the title, of my song is actually Action (Tek Yuh Picture) so there is no issue."

He dismissed claims that he disrespected Ryzin on Instagram. "He left like a million comments on my Instagram page and I responded by telling him he needs to look a job. Him desperate and I don't have time for him," Versatile said. "My focus is on my career and my new single Pon Di Endz. It is going to do big things for me, so that's where my focus is. I'm in the studios putting in the work so fans can expect big things to come."

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