Wild sides unleashed at Caesar’s Army A.M Bush

April 05, 2016
Carpe Diem Jamaica Photo
Carpe Diem Jamaica Photo These buffalo soliders and wildcats were best of friends at Ceaser's Army Ambush.
Carpe Diem Jamaica Photo

Partygoers unleashed their inner animals at Caesar's Army A.M. Bush last Saturday, held in a remote forested area in the municipality of Portmore.

This was expected behaviour in light of the theme of Safari. It was a jungle of wining bodies covered in paint and power of assorted colours.

Men were placed in the Buffalo Solider category, while women were grouped as Wildcats. It was a game of the hunter and the huntee and the goal was to get as much wines as possible. It was quite a killing; the fun kind that is. Inhibition flowed away with very sip of libation.

The primal behaviour went to another level once patrons went on to the Heineken stage.

Crossing the stage, as they do at carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, brought a different level of a wild side. Patrons revelled much harder as they jumped and wave their hands and rags, wine down to the ground and climbed on objects; all while being sprayed with more coloured power and cool air.

The tempo escalated when the water drunk came into play. Patrons were also treated to live performances from the much-loved Bunji Garlin, out of Trinidad and his countryman, Voice, winner of the International Soca Monarch 2016, who sang his widely popular song Winner.

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