Mr Vegas blames Bounty for gay rumours

April 07, 2016
Mr Vegas
Bounty Killer
Mr Vegas
Bounty Killer

Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas recently dispelled allegations made by veteran dancehall artiste Bounty Killer that he has been involved in homosexuality. According to the artiste, Bounty Killer started the rumour during their musical feud, but he believes his real fans are aware that he only has interests in women.

The issue was raised by popular radio host Angela Yee during an interview at New York morning show, The Breakfast Club. Mr Vegas, who faced tough questions from controversial hosts Charlamange Tha God and DJ Envy, responded to the gay rumours saying, “Am a straight gyalis, but I don’t have nothing against gay people. Yuh hear my record? Gyalis straight. But when you are successful people are going to try and tear you down. They have been trying to tear down people with stuff like that for years. Do I listen to that? Does that break me? No. I know what I do and who I love. But if you listen to stuff like that it tears you down.”

In 2013, Bounty Killer and Mr Vegas traded insults on social media. During the verbal exchange, Bounty Killer used names like ‘Gaygas’ and ‘Fish’ to refer to the Heads High artiste. The argument developed after Bounty Killer made fun of Mr Vegas’ old school clothing on Digicel Rising Stars, as he believed the outfit was not masculine. During the recent interview, Mr Vegas also said persons have misjudged him because he tries to live a positive life.

“If you grow up a certain way and you try to speak properly and you live a certain way, they say you are gay. If someone begs you something and you are not the type of person who does handout, they say you are gay. A lot of the times, people who always call somebody gay they are usually the gay and are in the closet. If every guy should be gay then I would live like Solomon,” said Mr Vegas, who is currently promoting a song called Identify My Love.

As it relates to Bounty Killer’s role in starting the rumour, Mr Vegas told The Breakfast Club that the icon tried the same strategy during his feud with Beenie Man, but that did not deter his success.“Bounty Killer tried that with me, he tried the same thing with Beenie Man, and Beenie Man is still touring. I am still touring, still making records, and I am still feeding my kids,” he said.“I got seven kids and I am taking care of them. How are you going to make stupid persons make you end up in the same place as Vybz Kartel? If a man calls you gay, what you gonna do, take a gun and go kill that man? You are going to go to prison.”


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