Artistes salute mothers

May 06, 2016
File Sizzla sings 'Thank You Mama' to his mother, Mama Lou, at Sizzla Live In Concert that was held at Club Privilege in 2012.
File Ivy Williams, (right), mother of Bounty Killer, poses beside her son, as he signed autograph after a church service in 2010. She passed away in 2012.
Romain Virgo
Razor B
Tanto Blacks

In hit single, 'Thank You Mama', recording artiste Sizzla Kalongi can be heard professing his love and admiration for his mother who struggled to raise him. Bounty Killer has also spoken quite fondly of his now deceased mother Mama Ivy.

But they are not the only artistes to speak highly of their mothers. For recording artiste Romain Virgo, all mothers are considered special having gone through the miraculous process of carrying a child inside their body. However, he said no one is as dear to him as his own mother, Mary Callum.

"Growing up without a father figure around me, she ended up playing both roles of father and mother for me. Fi mould me inna the man wah me become today, there's no way me can repay her," Romain Virgo shared.


Now, he said his greatest joy is being able to put a smile on his mother's face. "One of the most recent ones was her last birthday. I went down there in the early morning and woke her up and sang happy birthday to her. To see the smile on her face and see how much she appreciates that mean every thing to me," he said, adding that on Mother's Day he wants to spend some quality time with his mother in a nice place over a lovely meal.

Similarly, dancehall artiste Razor B said he has an undying love for his mother, Beatrice Barnes, who raised six children as a single parent. Through the struggles, he said they always found time for laughter. In sharing one of fondest memories with his mother, Razor B recalled a day they went to the beach, though neither of them could swim.

"She was like, 'mi nah go inna no wata! You want me drown? You eva see fish pon dry land?' It was one of the funniest thing my mother ever said to me! I wish I had videoed it," he said.

Although she is living in Canada, Razor B said he will surprise her with roses and send her to dinner with his mother-in-law on Mother's Day.

Unfortunately, recording artiste Tactical lost his mother, Georgia Robinson, two years ago, but his love for her lives on. He said she was his biggest fan and motivator, and although she has passed on, she still watches over him.

Still, Tactical plans to celebrate Mother's Day in his own special way. "I'm going to fix up her room, put her special clothes she would love to wear on the bed, and put up her pictures in the room," he said.

The 'Real Rich' entertainer Tanto Blacks said he will be away on tour this Mother's Day, but that will not prevent him from making the day special for his mother, Carrol Cole.

He said he will call to wish her happy Mothers' Day, and ensure he brings many gifts for her on his return.


Tanto also shared that he appreciates the all 'licks' his mother gave him as a child because it has made him a better person.

"A nuff nice time me have with her enuh, but the nicest time wah me have with my mother a when me do something wrong and she beat me fi make sure say I do things right. Those beatings mek me think smart and know what life is about," Tanto said.

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