Craigy T gets sensual in new video

June 09, 2016
Craigy T
Craigy T

Although they still perform as a group, the members of T.O.K. have ceased making new music together and are instead actively promoting solo musical projects.

After performing with the group in Columbia on Sunday Craigy T announced the premiere of his new music video for a single called Sunday Afternoon.

In the video, much attention was placed on sexuality and body image. However, when asked if he is positioning himself as a sex symbol, Craigy T said, "Nah sah, I'm just really proud of the way my body has progressed ever since I started being serious about health and fitness, so because of that, I'm showing it off a little more. But differently though, mi a sing fi di girls dem from day one, so if dem love me back now, a nuh nutten."

On his Instagram page, he warned persons who cannot handle 'badness' to refrain from watching. The video also features a seemingly reverent nun who later strips down to only her underwear.

Craigy T anticipates push-back for the sexually charged content, claiming that the church "as usual will try to bully and exact their will." However, he said he is not concerned.

While he actively pursues this solo venture, the future of T.O.K. remains unclear.

"Everything I do has a greater purpose. Look out for my second single, Stop Chat, produced by GAFJAM Records, to be released at the end of the month and my solo album closer to the end of the year," he said.

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