Parish councils make $120m from events license

June 10, 2016
These party goes were caught in action at Footlose Retro Party on May 28 in Kingston.
Patrons having fun at Yesterday, which was held at Mas Camp, National Stadium, recently.

Jamaicans' love for parties and other forms of entertainment continue to feed the revenue accounts of the Government with parish councils earning tens of millions from amusement licences.

In 2015, the councils pulled in of $124 million, according to data contained in the latest Economic and Social Survey.

The total revenue for last year was an increase of $20 million, compared with 2014. It was noted that a higher number of events staged during 2015 drove the increase in revenue.

The Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) led the way, collecting $45.2 million.

Next was St Elizabeth with $12.61 million, followed by St Mary, which pulled in $9.84 million.

St Thomas collected $8.5 million from amusement licences. The Portland Parish Council completed the top five with a revenue intake of $7.9 million.

Meanwhile, the total number of amusement licences issued by parish councils for amusement activities also increased in 2015. Last year, a total of 26, 687 licences were issued, up by 2,334, compared with 2014. The KSC issued the most licences with 9,413 being approved.

Despite the overall increase, parish councils did see a decline in the number of amusement licences issued. The survey pointed out that this was influenced by the police decline to give permits for events due to crime, primarily in the western parishes.

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