Canada's Tory Lanez adapts Tanto Metro and Devonte's Everyone Falls In Love

June 29, 2016
File Tanto Metro (left) and Devonte.

'Everyone Falls in Love' by Tanto Metro and Devonte has been sampled, chopped and mixed once again.

The 1997 hit song can now be referred to as a classic, becoming source material for younger artistes from various genres.

"Just this year, there are about three songs that interpolates the hit single Everyone Falls In Love," Burton J, manager of Tanto Metro and Devonte's team, told THE STAR.

Last Friday, rising Canadian R&B crooner Tory Lanez tweeted: "Remember I said this ... I'm about to have Jamaica ON FIRE".

He then released a music video for his second single called Luv.

The hook follows the same key and melody of Tanto Metro and Devonte's version.

The single follows Lanez's 2015 hit song, Say It, a mellow R&B tune with a gospel choir adding vocal flair to the chorus. Both songs demonstrate Lanez's mellow, boyish delivery, and his flexibility in producing a wide range of music.

Luv serves as the second official single from Tory Lanez's upcoming debut album titled I Told You.

Since it's release on YouTube, views for the music video have climbed to over 800,000, following closely behind the song's SoundCloud count, currently climbing from 1.1 million plays.

"We and others before us fought for the support in dancehall music in mainstream and finally, they are showing it some love," Burton told THE STAR.

"Although sad it wasn't a Jamaican artiste that's flying high, we still appreciate the love been shown to the genre," Burton continued about Lanez's adoption of the dancehall sound.

"Though we are no stranger to seeing our material being covered, it still feels good to know the appreciation of our works from the past," said Devonte.

He told THE STAR that he thinks Tory Lanez did a wonderful job putting his own twist on the record.

Tanto Metro said that what the song has done in the past, and is still doing today, makes the pair feel like winners.

"We've watched it cross generations," he said, "and as such, our deepest gratitude towards the artiste and his team."

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