Charly Black's Party Animal Makes Billboard Chart

July 14, 2016
@Normal:Charly Black

Charly Black's 'Gyal You A Party Animal' has made yet another resurgence on the Billboard Chart.

As of July 2, the song peaked at number 28 on the Billboard Hot Electronic/Dance Songs chart.

"I know my worth and I stay in my lane, and I try to represent myself in the best way for the country. I try not to be that artiste that every time you get a hit song, you become something different. I'm still the same country boy from Trelawny, but when I'm abroad, it's a different thing," he told THE STAR.

Gyal Yuh A Party Animal was released July 2014, produced by Kurt Riley for Techniques Records on the Jambe-An Riddim.

Two years later, the official music video has gained over 76 million views.

"I've been singing music for quite a while, and if buddy-buddy music don't make me hype, then that's it. I know how to control myself," the artiste told THE STAR.

Kurt Riley told THE STAR that he is happy at the news of the song charting so high on an international chart.

"I am overjoyed at the opportunity we have to show the world that we do have talented people, and that our artistes are versatile. We have some of the most talented singers, songwriters, deejays and producers in Jamaica," he said.

Meanwhile, Black told THE STAR that he is well respected because of his authentic sound. He said he has travelled to places such as Africa, Colombia, Mauritius, Seychelles and has left his audience satisfied.

"People give me props and respect. They say it's been a while they've seen an artiste who has done that, sound exactly like the record on stage. I'm one of the artistes that defending real writing skills, real artiste work and real performance that sound as good as the record, live on stage," he said.

"I'm not the artiste that will try to bleach out my skin to look like a next artiste, try to look like a next image, just to get attention," he added.

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