Katalys Crew Won't stick to singing Gospel

July 15, 2016
Shalom ... Can't confine talentsto the praise and worship of God.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer katalyst Crew members (from left) Marlon Senior, Paul Barclay, Shalom and Mark Snthony Reid, during an interview at The Gleaner's North Street offices. Missing from picture is Levoy Paul, the other member of the international band.
Paul Barclay ... There are many songs in the band's repertoire that refer to Jah
Mark Anthony Reid ...I can't keep singing 'I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus'

They call themselves a roots inspirational band and refuse to be shackled by the label of a strictly gospel band. But this is not to say that the group does not want to perform in church.

Katalys Crew, which emerged in 2003 to great reception, is a collection of nine souls who dedicated their lives and musical talents to worshipping Jesus Christ.

Katalys Crew now stands at five members, all of whom agree that gospel musicians ought not be confined to singing songs of praise.

"What does 'gospel' mean?" challenged Mark Senior, the band's keyboard player.

"It means good news," he answered simply.

"We understand the sensibilities on either side," Paul Barclay, bass player and band leader, explained to THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Music is a form of expression, and I can't keep singing 'I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus' if I want to express myself," chimed in Mark Anthony Reid, drummer.

Katalys Crew, while committed to their shared faith, attempted to bridge the gap between secular music and gospel music.

"I mean, if I'm laying down with my girl or wife, what am I going to sing to her? Now Behold The Lamb?" Reid continued.

"There are many songs in the band's repertoire that refer to Jah," Barclay told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Meanwhile, Katalys Crew said it is no longer focused on releasing albums.

"It has been some time, I must admit, that we have not put out any songs," Barclay continued.

Regardless, he revealed that Katalys Crew is well on its way towards releasing a full body of work.

"We have about 14 songs under our belt, recorded," Paul revealed. "We're going through in order to identify the ones for the EP and the ones for the album."

While refusing to provide approximate release dates for these projects, Barclay has expressed his strong intent to get the band's music on the airwaves sooner rather than later.

"Let me commit to this. There's a song to be released in about two weeks, a collaboration between us and some friends in the UK," Barclay said.

"Here dis now," Barclay began with a grin.

Shalom, lead singer of the Katalys Crew, effortlessly offered up the melody of its latest song. Better known as the voice on the hit song I Got News For You, Shalom said that "music is universal".

"Music is not only for the four walls of the church," Shalom said.

"Because the Lord told us to 'go ye out in all the world', we want to make the music universal so anybody can listen to it ... from the gunman to the youth ... anybody," he said.

"We are making music to change the lives of people. We come as catalysts. We come to share who we are," Shalom added.

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