Despite rough patches...Jason Mighty stays the course

July 22, 2016
File Jason Mighty
File Jason Mighty

Jason Mighty has been tempted to take the secular route many times, but with his wife by his side and more music in the pipeline, the gospel artiste remains steadfast.

Mighty's popularity on the Jamaican gospel scene sprouted in 2013. And according to Mighty, he is in it for more than fame and accolades. He is in it for the ministry. "We're not just artistes," he said referring to his responsibility to enlighten youth about Christ.

Mighty told THE WEEKEND STAR that when he and fellow gospel star Deitrick Haddon began their careers, they took to the schools, trying to win souls. "We used to do a lot of ISCF (Inter-School Christian Fellowship) in the schools, and a lot of young people got saved. So the pastors at the time were looking at that, and it was nothing for them to open the door to us and say come and minister," Mighty said.

He offered some insight into the difference in making it in the secular industry versus the gospel industry.

"Secular, you just go on the street and try to get your thing out there. Gospel is a bit different," the singer reasoned. "People are watching you. The church and the pastors and the youth leaders are watching you. So if you not doing something that they think is pleasing and can enhance the young people, they not going into you."

While he believes older gospel artistes can do a little more to open doors for aspiring artistes, Mighty also thinks the youth must give attention to more than just making music. "It all comes down to where you're at with Christ and what you want. You have to work hard, but you still have to have the spiritual side," he said.

Even after being embraced by the Jamaican gospel industry, the artiste still sometimes has his apprehension about staying within the genre.

"A lot of times you think you pay your dues and then you buck on some rough patches. You kind of feel fed-up at times, spending so much money doing album but finding it difficult to recoup the investment," he said.

Mighty's new album is called Favour and features gospel stalwarts Prodigal Son, DJ Nicholas, Yankey B, Naycha Kid, Chris Ambassador, Sherwin Gardner, and Orianna.

His latest attempt at benefiting from his talent while at the same time ministering to people fell flat on June 25, 2016, when the gospel singer held his album launch in Toronto, Canada, where he lives with his wife.

"The turnout was good - maybe 300 people came out," Mighty told THE WEEKEND STAR, seeming underwhelmed by the size of the audience.

"It wasn't what I expected, but it was good enough for me to have a good time with the people," Mighty added.

The gospel singer revealed that some songs on his new album cost him up to US$1,000, to produce one track. But even after putting up thousands of dollars, Mighty insists that he not looking for just a monetary return.

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