From Educator to Entertainer: Gold Mynd shuns several job offers and embraces music

July 22, 2016

Gold Mynd shuns several job offers and embraces music

"They used to call me the juice teacher," Gold Mynd told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Mr Gayle with coolings," his students used to say.

Logan Gayle became a teacher at his alma mater, Jamaica College, after graduating from the University of the West Indies in 2007.

Gayle thought he would have ended up working in the technology department of a bank. Instead, he hopped from contract to contract before heading to his former high school.

"The vice-principal who interviewed me was the same vice principal who was there while I was at J.C., so in the interview, they asked 'So, what's the grand plan?'" Gayle told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Gayle's grand plan was to eventually pursue a career in the music industry.

"It's not because of financial reasons why I'm doing this," he explained.

Gayle was among the teachers responsible for the success of Jamaica College's information technology (IT)students in external examinations. The Gleaner, in 2013, reported that the high school had continuously secured 100 per cent passes in external IT examinations since 2009.

Gayle uses this as proof that he is a capable teacher, noting that each year when exams results come through, he gets job offers from other institutions.

But those offers do not fit within the long-term plans of this one-time teacher-now-turned entertainer. Gayle now operates under the moniker Gold Mynd and is pursuing a full-time music career.

"I registered a label called Mynd Creation Limited and I built a recording studio," Gayle told THE WEEKEND STAR.

When asked how he managed to build a studio on a teacher's salary, he pointed to his 'Juice Teacher' alias.


"I shouldn't have been, but I used to sell," Gayle confessed. "I was the juice teacher - Fresssh, D&G soda. Mr Gayle with the coolings is what they used to say," he chuckled.

"That just goes to show that it's not really a fall-back thing," he told THE WEEKEND STAR. Gayle said he had a plan for which he made sure to lay a foundation.

Earlier this year, Gold Mynd released his first EP called Changes. This June saw the release of his first music video for his single called Soundtrack of My Life. According to Gold Mynd, the video has been in heavy rotation on Hype TV.

"Right now, I'm actually in studio working on my mixtape called My Life," Gold Mynd said. That mixtape is scheduled to be released in August. The former teacher said the mixtape would provide deeper insight into his move from educator to entertainer.

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