US cops arrest Gully Bop - Artiste given US$1,200 bail

July 22, 2016
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Gully Bop
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Gully Bop
Gully Bop
Gully Bop

Dancehall entertainer Gully Bop was granted US$1,200 bail when he appeared in the Brooklyn Criminal Court yesterday.

When THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to the Brooklyn arraignment clerk regarding the case, she confirmed that a bond had been set but could not give any additional information. Bop, born Robert Lee Malcolm, was arrested by New York police on Wednesday as he arrived at the John F. Kennedy Airport to board a flight back to Jamaica. Following his arrest, Bop was taken to Central Bookings in Brooklyn, New York, where he was slapped with domestic abuse and robbery charges.

The charges were brought against him by his estranged ex-girlfriend and former manager Amari, who took to social media shortly after Bop's arrest to break the news. Amari told social media users that Bop was forewarned of the possibility of being arrested but did not heed her calls to work out their differences on his many trips to the United States since their break-up.

"I have some disturbing news. If you look on my time line, I've been saying something over and over. Well, it happened," she said in a video posted to YouTube. "I was sleeping and the detectives just called me and let me know that they have apprehended Gully Bop. I tried to send out a warning several times to tell them (Bop and those associated with him) to get in touch with me and no one ever did."

She explained the charges that she brought against him and warned that there could be several more arrests regarding the matter. "It has to do with domestic violence that occurred months ago in regard to him running me down with a butcher knife, stealing my passport and my green card," she explained. "A number of people are going to be locked up and they're not listening to me".


Current girlfriend


Amari continued: "This thing went way out of hand. They threatened my life and even gave out my address for me to get hurt. It's about five of them that are going to get locked up."

Following the arrest, Bop's alleged current girlfriend, Toya, also took to social media with a video of her own, claiming that Amari is being fuelled by her jealousy and is out to get Gully Bop. "This nuh necessary. A nuh nothing serious. Look how much people you trouble and you lock up the man over jealousy," she said. "This is sick; I'm sick. I wonder how her friend dem feel or who set up Bop because people been feeding her information. This is all jealousy and badmind, but him nah go back innuh not under fimi government."

When contacted, Bop's other ex, Chin Chin, said she was working closely with Bop's attorney to get him as much help as he needs. She explained that although she and Bop were no longer in a relationship, she still cared for him and would always try to help out whenever she could. She and Bop were expected to perform at a show in Guyana on Saturday. Up to press time, it was uncertain whether Bop would still be able to make it.

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