Exile Di Brave making waves


August 03, 2016
Exile Di Brave

Although he's not yet a household name in Jamaica, Exile Di Brave is making some serious moves on the international music scene.

Since January, the If This Is Love singer has performed in Europe, Panama and Costa Rica.

"All things happen in due season. I am happy that my music has found favour with people in overseas territories. The vibe is also building up in Jamaica, as the old folks say, slowly but surely," he said.

The soft-spoken entertainer, who hails from Portmore, recently returned to the island after doing a series of shows in Panama and Costa Rica.

"The vibe in Panama and Costa Rica was great. The people in those countries love Jamaican music a lot. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience performing in both countries. I performed at several shows with artistes from both countries. I also did a show in Panama with Jah Cure, Red Rat and Johnny P," said Exile.

Exile Di Brave is gearing up for the release of a short film, titled Rock Dem, in which he is the lead character. The movie, produced by Rhatid Films, was slated to be released at Nanook in Kingston last Saturday.

"Rock Dem is a short film that takes an in-depth look at what it means to be an up-and-coming artiste in Jamaica and the things we do daily to build our careers," he said.

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