Marsha Beckford to drop gospel poetry EP

August 26, 2016

Marsha Beckford gave her first interview as a gospel artiste to THE WEEKEND STAR with passionate prayer and uncontrollable shouts to the Lord. She defines herself as one who bridges the gap between music and poetry.

"I wouldn't really say that I'm a dub poet because it's poetry and music," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. "I am a gospel artiste, therefore, I am a woman of God," she continued, before quoting the well-known Bible verse, Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.




"Last year, I started getting some dreams about doing poetry," she said. "And this time, I decided to obey God and use my giftin poetry to minister to people to encourage hope, restoration, and changeto let people know that God is their only source."

She said that she was once a teacher and her love of poetry reflected itself in her work with her students. She told THE WEEKEND STAR that years ago, she wrote a poem called Rise, which is to be featured on her upcoming EP of the same name. She said that the poem was performed by her students at a graduation exercise.

Beckford believes that her penchant for poetry was the call of God, revealing her natural expression and talents. But it was not a call she answered immediately.

For Beckford, the temptations of the world proved greater than her love of God, and she resisted full-commitment to God, just as she did full commitment to creative writing.

"I was a Christian from about 2000," Beckford said. "Mi deh inna church - den mi deh outta church. I was a 'boaty'. An experience in 2008 made me know that the Lord was calling me. But the taste of the world was sweeter. I disobeyed the call of the Lord and continued me trek - meaning I was in church and have mi boyfriend ah road."

It took another five more years before Beckford fully committed herself to the Christian faith.

"Then in 2011, there was a tragic experience ..." Beckford said, but then she got caught up in the spirit. Shouts of hallelujahs bellowed and sobs fell from her lips.

When THE WEEKEND STAR asked about the tragic experience, the gospel poet and singer responded in a voice rattled by emotional burden.

"The Lord has not given me the go ahead to really explain that," Beckford said.

"Jesus was the only person I could call on. I couldn't even tell mi moddami shame! Every person I thought was in my corner was not there," was all she said on the matter.

"I decided that God will be my pilot and He has been my pilot for then until today because has never failed me. God has been carrying me since 2011," she said.

Beckford now ministers full-time and is preparing for the release of her first EP this month. She hopes that this will be the beginning of a long career in gospel as there are already plans in place for a 14-track album.

"The album that I am putting out is an album with dub songs, mixing poetry with music," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

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