Luciano cancels shows after losing visa

September 01, 2016

Luciano cancels shows after

losing visa

After having both his US visiting visa and work permit revoked, reggae singer Luciano is now in the process of cancelling his September bookings for the USA.

While on his way to Amsterdam last week, with a connecting flight through New York, the reggae singer was interrogated and his hand luggage searched. This resulted in an immigration officer revoking his permission to travel to and work in the United States.

Luciano made the revelation on his Facebook page on Sunday, much to the disappointment of his fans.

abnormal interrogation

"I regret to announce that whilst crossing the border from Canada into America by air on August 25th 2016, I underwent an abnormal interrogation during which my personal hand luggage was searched. During the search, a mixture that I normally use as a herb medicine for my throat was found, and, after numerous tests, was claimed to be illegal because it contained cannabis extracts. The herbal liquid was a very small amount (less than one gram), but as a result, my visas were revoked and I was denied entry into the US," the post said.

When THE STAR spoke with Luciano's manager, Sonia Sterling, she explained that they were in the process of cancelling all of his September bookings in the United States. She, however, noted that his bookings in other countries remain.

"I had a tour plan for the West Coast and Mexico," she said, dejectedly.

"I always go through normal screening, but he always has to go through secondary screening," Sterling said. "We are going to see if we can get a letter from his lawyer and take it to the embassy or something. We're going to see if we can make an appointment with them."

Although she has pledged to find a way to remedy the situation, Sterling still had questions about why Luciano's visa was revoked.

"It [herbal liquid] has garlic and some other stuff, but it also has hemp oil," she said. She also told THE STAR that the immigration officer asked if Luciano had a prescription for the substance. However, she claims that the singer has been using the substance for some time, and that immigration officers in Canada and California have both cleared the artiste without raising eyebrows at the mixture.

"Maybe that's what we'll have to do, get it prescribed," she said.

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